Biography of Thang Pu

Early Life (1939-1959)

Thang Pu was born at Kaptel, Tiddim Township, Chin State on 15th June 1939. His parents were Mr. Gen Khaw Tual and Mr. Thawng Do Cing. He has six brothers and sisters. He was the six and from the eldest, they were Mrs. Vung Khan Man (late), Mr. Khual Pau (late), Mr. Nawn Khup, Mr. Vung Za Awi (late), Mr. Khaat Za Langh (late), and Mr. Langh Suan Thang.

Education and Marriage (1960-1969)

Thang Pu was baptized on 24th December 1960. He has attended a government high school and passed 9th standard in 1964. After he was baptized he continued his education, attended Adventist Bible Seminary, Myaungmya, Ayeyarwaddy (formerly, Irrawaddy) Mission and received a certificate of diploma in 1965. He spoke Tiddim Chin dialect, one of the Chin tribes, his mother tongue. He spoke Myanmar and English as his second languages.
He married to a Sizang (Siyin) young lady, named Dim Uap on 24th March 1969. She was born on 1st April 1947. They have five daughters. They are Cing Ngaih Lun, Man Lun Niang, Cing Khan Huai, Man Lian Vung, and Thawng Sian Nem.

Career/Ministry (1965-2001)

He entered into ministry on 1st May 1965 just after finished the seminary and he taught in a primary school from 1965 to 1977 in the Upper Myanmar. He was ordained on 22nd December 1970. “After his ordination, he was sent to Naga tribe, Homalin as a missionary”1. From 1978 to 1980 he served as Tiddim district leader, Upper Myanmar Mission. He was known an active pastor as he used to visit the places where even only one church member lives within his district. In February 1981 a church member was stroke by lightning to death he alone was left at an open country to watch the dead body a whole night and a day. He was brave and faithful to his church member. From May 1981 to 1984 he served as the mission executive secretary of the Upper Myanmar. During 1985-1990 he served as the treasurer of the same mission. From 1991 to 1994 he served as the mission secretary of South East Mission. From 1994 to 1996 he served as president of the Upper Myanmar Mission. From 1997 to April 30, 2001 he served as Tahan district leader.

Later Life (2001-2008)

He was retired on 1st May 2001. After retired he served as the church pastor at Siyin-Gyothonbin, Kalaymyo Township, Sagaing Region from 2001 to 2003. And that the family moved to Yangon. On 17th January 2008 he fell asleep in Jesus to reunite with his family when Jesus comes again. During his service life, he held weddings for 26 couples, he baptized 1,086 souls, he organized 10 churches, supervised buildings of three mission houses and two church buildings, and done maintenance for several mission and church buildings.
He has attended such occasions and places: Annual Council, Poona, India in 1981; Departmental Institute, Poona, India in 1986; 56th General Conference Session in Utrecht Holland; Mountain View College “Youth to Youth” Seminar, and Leadership Training (combined of North & Southern Asia-Pacific Division) Penang, Malaysia.2

Author: Rozama was born at Tahan, Kalay, Upper Myanmar. He received an MA Ed., and is serving as secretary of the Upper Myanmar Mission, Myanmar. His hobby is reading and writing. His wife is Vanlalthani and they have four grown children.

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2. Service Record, Thang Pu; Myanmar Union Mission; and interview with His Wife, Dim Uap, Sweden.