God’s Timing

It is always hard for human to wait and see…. Sometimes we find that God does not answer our prayers when we need those answers. We wonder God promises to answer our prayers and deliver us from trouble but sometimes it looks fail. Why bad things happen to us who keep on trusting and praying to God faithfully??? The answer to these questions, we are going to see them today. To answer all these answers, I would like to draw our attention and go through 3 stories in the Bible.

First, in the book of Genesis 21 we see the promises of God fulfilled when Isaac was born. Abraham had spent 100 years not being called as father and it ceased to be with Sarah, his wife, after the manner of women. Sarah had no hope since she was old enough to have a child (Gen. 18:11-12) but God kept on promising them that He will give them a child at the appointed time. Gen. 18:13-14. God gave them Isaac when they were already old. This was the appointed time for the Lord (Gen. 18:14, Gen. 21) “For Sarah conceived and bare Abraham a son in his old age at the time of which God had spoken to him. The second example we are going to see it in the book of I Samuel 1. Hanna Elkanah’s wife serve God for so many years. the LORD had shut up her womb so she bore no child. She went to the temple and wept. She did not eat. She suffered provocation from her adversaries I Samuel 1:6. Hanna was faithful to God and she vowed to God that if he would hear her prayer that God would give her the child she would take him to the temple to serve him.

Her prayer was answered I Samuel 1:19,20 and so she conceived at the appointed time. Third example was found in the book of John 11. In this story, we find three closest friends of Jesus, Marry, Martha and Lazarus. Now at that time, Lazarus was very sick and Jesus was not there with them. The sisters sent unto him a message that Lazarus was sick. They expected Jesus to come back from where hw was and heal Lazarus as soon as he heard the news. The bible says in the book of John 11:6 Jesus abode two days still in the same place where he was. He knew the expectation of the sisters and their brother but he did not turn up since it was not the appointed time. The Bible says when Jesus went to Bethany it was already four days after Lazarus’ dead.

But since its the right time for Jesus, he resurrected Lazarus from death. Sometimes we pray but God does not turn up to answer even though we keep on praying. We find that the more we pray it seems the more problems comes. But today I would like everyone to know that God is still listening to our prayers. All these 3 people Abraham, Hannah and Lazarus were not totally forsaken or neglected. But the appointed time had not come for God to deliver us and glorify himself. My brothers and sisters you need to remember that when the time comes God will answer your prayer.It does not matter how long it will take, how long you have been waiting, remember Abraham had waited for 100 years, Hannah conceived at her old age, Jesus resurrected Lazarus when it stinks. God will turn all tears to joys and happiness. So my brethren keep on praying when the time comes God will rescue you. Thank you and God God bless all of us. Amen.

Dr Kham Khan Khai
Lecturer, Faculty of Education,
Asia-Pacific International University