Thuman Mite Upna tawh Nungta

(The Just Shall live by Faith)
By Joshua Mangpi..

“Thuman mite ahihleh
Pasian tungah a cihtak manun nungta ding hi.
‭‭Habakkuk‬ ‭2:4‬ ‭

Upna tawh nungta a cih ciang bang a deihna ai tam??
Upna pen bang ai tam?

Zesu in Rom galkap zalom ukpa’ upna a genna ah, ” A mantak a kong genin-ah Israel mite lak nangawnah hih bang upna a nei ka mu nai kei hi.” (Matthew 8:10) na ci hi.
Tua a hih leh hih Rom galkap bupa upna bang hang in lian mah mah hi kici thei hiam? A hang in Pasian in a Kammal khat bek pauna tawh a silapa damsak zo ding hi cih upna pen a hi hi. 
Galkap bupa in Pasian Kammal vangliatna na thei mah mah hi.
Amah galkap bupa in zong anna nei in, a silate sepding a sawl ciang in a sawl bangnin na sem tek uh hi. Tua mah bang in Zesu kiang ah , Topa’ “Kammal, thupiak na” in zong damsak ding hi cih upna nei hi. Amah in Zesu in a thugen leh a thupiakte hong piang pelmawh ding cih upna kip nei hi.
Pasian in , “Khuavaak om hen a cih ciang Khuavaak om ziau hi” (Piancil 1:3)
Pasian leh Ama Kammal pen unau bang a hi hi.
Tua a hih manin, Pasian in a kampaute hong tangtung takpi a, Pasian zuau ngeilo hi.(Titus 1:2) 
Upna ih cih in Pasian Kammalte Thumaan hi a, a thute a takpi in tangtung ding, Pasian in a gen bang in sem takpi ding hi cih upna a hi hi.

Bang gennuam ka hiam??
Pasian in Sabbath ni Siangtho sak ding hong gen hi. (Isaiah 58:13), Satan in a hih leh, “Sabbath ni na Siangtho sak leh, na nasep na taan ding a, na innkuanpihte in an ngawl ding uh hi”, na ci hi.
Upna in, bang bang a piang zong in Pasian gen bang a sepna, zuihna pen a hi hi.
Upna in, ” Topa aw, ka innkuanpihte bang ci bang in vaak ding thei keng, a hih hangin Sabbath ni Siangtho sak ding nong thupiak a hih manin ka zui ding hi” cih ngamna hi.
Isaiah 58:14 ah Sabbath ni ih Siangtho sak leh, ‘Pasian in eite hong don in leitung munsangna ah hong koih ding a, Jacob thuphate hong pia ding hi’ na ci hi. Tua pen Pasian kam mah mah in eite tung ah hong gen a hi hi.
Pasian in zuau gen ngeilo a hih manin, a gen bang in upna tawh ih sep nak leh a gensa a thuciamte eite tung ah hong tung sak takpi ding hi.

A minthang mah mah khau tung a paisiam Pa Charles Blondin in September 14, 1860 in Nigara tuikhawhpi kantan a kikhung sikkhau tung tawnin paisuak ngei hi.
America leh Canada pan mipi tampi in tua bang a khautung tawn in a kantanna en ngeingai uh hi. Mipite in pahtawina tawh khut beng ziah ziah uh hi. Charles zong tua khau tung tawn in apaidan tuamtuam in kileh in pai hi.
Amah in sawnleng khat a sung ah Alu(potato)a dim a kikoih zong tua khau tung ah sawn in a galkhat paipih ziau thei hi.
Tua khit ciangin, mipite kiang ah, ” Hih sawnleng tung ah mi khat tuang in a galkhat lam sawn thei ding in nong um uh hiam?” ci in a dot ciang in, mipite in “Um mah” ci in in dawng tek uh hi. Amah in tua a hih leh kua in hih leng tung tuin hong zui ding na hi uh hiam?” ci in a dot ciang in kuamah in a zui ngam kei uh hi. Sawn suak thei ding a um pen mipite mah hilo a hiam? Bang hang in kuamah tuang ngam lo?
Eite zong tua mipite mah ih bang kha hiam? Eite in Pasian um kicitek, a hih hang a thugente ih zuih zah khop dong in ih um tak tak hiam? Eite zong tua mipite oh bang kha hiam??
Eite in Pasian in a thugen bang in a hih takpi ding ih muang tak tak ngam kei hi. Eite in thugente thei in ih um pong a, a hih hang in ih muang tak tak ngam kei hi.
Pasian in a thupiak leh Pasian gente a tangtung lo, a piang love khat zong omlo hi. “Khuavaak om hen”, a cih ciangin kuavaak om pah hi.
Pasian in, Sabbath ni na Siangtho sak leh na pu uh Jacob thuphate tawh note kong vaak ding hi na ci hi.
Tuni in Pasian Thupiakte umin, muang in na zui takpi ding hiam??
Topa’n a sim mimal kim thipha hong pia ta hen.Amen.
By Joshua Cinsuanmang Shoute
Final Year, 
Aenon Bible Teacher Training Center.

English Version..

The Just Live by Faith

“Behold, his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him: but the just shall live by his faith.”
‭‭Habakkuk‬ ‭2:4‬ ‭KJV‬‬
The righteous shall live by faith.
Practically what does it mean to live by faith? What is faith?

Jesus defines what is faith in Matthew 8:10 when he compliments the centurion for his faith. Jesus said, “I have not found so great faith, no, not in Israel.” 
What was so great about this centurion’s faith? The fact that he trusted God so much that he believed that just a word from God can heal his servant.
The centurion knew the power of words. He had authority and and when he tells one of his servant to do something it gets done. So He comes to Jesus and says, “speak the word only.”
What he meant by this is that just as he could get things done just by speaking he knew that when God speaks things happen. 
When God said let there be light there was light. The power of God’s word brothers and sisters.
When God speaks it always comes to pass. That’s why God cannot lie (Titis 1:2)
Faith is believing that God’s word will do exactly what it says it will do.
What do i mean by that?
God tells you to keep the sabbath in Isaiah 58:13. 
The devil tells you that if you keep the sabbath you will loose your job and your family will starve.
What do you do? 
Faith is doing what God tells you to do no matter what. Faith is saying,”God I don’t know how i will feed my family but because you have said told me to keep the sabbath i will keep it.”
Isaiah 58:14 tells us if we keep the sabbath Hod will cause us to ride on high places of the earth and feed us with the inheritance of Jacob.
The mouth of the lord has spoke in brothers and sisters. God cannot lie and when you simply by faith do what he says then He will do what he has said.
A famous tightrope walker named Charles Blondin in September 14, 1860 walked across the Niagara falls. People from America and Canada gathered just to see him walk across the tight rope. People clapped their hands with admiration. He went back and forth several times with different tricks.
He even put potatoes in a wheelbarrow and pushed it safely from one point to the other.
So he asked a question to the crowds,”do you think i can walk across with a person in the wheelbarrow ?” Everyone answered, “yes”
So he asked for a volunteer but no one dared come up. But didn’t they just say they trusted him.
Aren’t we sometimes like the crowd?
We say we trust God but we don’t trust him enough to do what he says. We don’t trust Him to do what he says he will do. We believe the things about him but we don’t trust in Him. 
Whenever God speaks it comes to pass, there has never been a time when God spoke and it didn’t come to pass. God said let there be light and there was light. 
If God said he will feed us with the inheritance of Jacob our father, it will come to pass if we keep the sabbath in faith. 
God cannot lie.
Will you not trust him today?

Agelh: Joshua Mangpi