Solomon pen Israel kumpi dinga hong dinkip khitciangin ma-ang sungah Topa hong kilang a, “Bang kong pai ding hiam?” ci in dong hi. Kumpite masa 3:5. Hih akhangno kumpipa in sum leh paai, nuntaak sauna, hauhna phatnate ngen thei hi, ahih hangin amah in tuate ngenlo hi. Ka mite ka uktheih nading pilna ci […]

Lesson 5: A Lianpen Kumpi Piakna Abraham in Pasian hopihna atelzak mahmah laitakin khuavak nailo hi. “Abraham aw, na it mahmah khat bek na neih na tapa Moriah mualte lakah kong lahna munah hong paipih inla kithohna, biakpiakna-in hong pia in.” Gen. 22:1,2. Hih ngetna azak ciangin Abraham acii lingin akhuasik mul tho hi. Isaac […]

Lesson 4: A langpang Kumpipa Tapa David tate lakah Absalom in amel hoih pen, angiansiam pen, ahuaiham pen hi. Laisiangtho sungah, “Isreal mi khempeuh lakah Absolom banga melhoih, alu pan a kheme dong paubanna neilo alutunga kumpi lukhu tawh akilawm mahmah midang khat beek omlo hi,”ci-in gen hi. 2 Samuel 14:25. Ahih hangin amah in, […]

Lesson 3: A Hong Pai Kumpipa Amazing Facts Lesson 3 Hehpihna neilo Judah kumpinu Athaliah pen, anu Jezebel sangin nakpi takin gilo zawlai hi. Atapa Ahaziah asih khitciangin, kumpi gam aman ukpah a, ama dinmun laih thei dinga aup atuteng khempeuh that ma-ang pahpah hi. “Ahih hangin Ahaziah sanggamnu Jehosheba in Ahaziah tapa Joash pen […]

Lesson 2: Jerusalem ah Ciah Kik Zeisu nungzuite tungah lunggimna lianpi tung hi. Pasian gam hong kiphut ding ci a, a lametna khempeuh tenguh amaa Friday ni-in singlamteh tungah kikilhcip ta hi. Dahna lungmanna lungleenna leh lungzuanna tawh kidimin aom laitak un Cleopas leh alawmpa khat in Jerusalem pan tai sagih gamlatna aom, atenna khua […]

Lesson 7: Buhtuu Kihello Leiseek Moses in Egypt kumpipa tawh akimuh ma-iin, a sanggampa Aaron tawh bawlsiatna thuak Israel makaite muhpih masa hi. Israel makaite kiangah hanthawn uh a, nakpi takin Pasian naki-ap un avanglian Pasian khut in sawtlo iin hong honkhia ding hi ci iin gen uh hi. Israel mite in nipikal khat sungah […]

Lesson 1: Kumtul Mi Babylon kumpi gam pen, hauhna leh nopsakna tawh akidim lai takin, Nebuchadnezzarin alupna tung panin thu ngaihsun hi. Bang tanvei hih ka kumpi gam kip dinga, kei sih khitciangin bang suak ding hiam? ci-in ngaihsun hi. Tua banga alungngaih laitakin, kumpipa mengme kha hi. Ama-ang sungah mel tuamtuam tawh akizem ataang […]

Lesson 6: Kumpipa’ Thukham Kumpi Darius, Medes leh Persia, in Babylon a zawh khit ciangin, Babylon ulian te khempeuh khat simloh that ma-ang khin hi. Tua pa pen Daniel hi a, amaan Pasian sawltak pa hi. Tua ma kum sawm sagih lai-in Judah pan in Babylon te in sal aa amat khat uh hi a, […]

25 May 2019 | The funeral was held today for Marlen Ochoa-Lopez, an Adventist who was strangled last month while nine months pregnant. Her baby boy was removed from her womb and survived, although he is in critical condition. The body of Ochoa-Lopez was found on May 15. In a statement about the death, Lake […]

Dear Editor, In her well-researched and balanced article (“Is Mrs. Potiphar to Blame?” Spring 2019 Adventist Today magazine), Lindsey Abston Painter fails to take into consideration another cultural factor in Mrs. Potiphar’s defense: that Mr. Potiphar may in fact have been a eunuch. I have read that it was quite common in the Ancient Near […]

From APD – 27 May 2019 | Reto Mayer, President of the Swiss Bible Society (SB), resigned on 21 May during the SB General Assembly in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Martin Vogler, SB Vice President, and Eva Thomi, SB Managing Director, thanked Mayer for his many years of commitment. Reto Mayer, an Adventist pastor and financial expert, […]

News reports from National Public Radio, Walla Walla University, Germany, the Society of Adventist Philosophers, SDA Radio and Loma Linda University National Public Radio ran a story this week titled “How The Fight For Religious Freedom Has Fallen Victim To The Culture Wars.” In it, Todd McFarland, associate general counsel at the General Conference of […]

By Loren Seibold | 24 May 2019 | Recently I was reading an Adventist-run Facebook group about modesty in dress. The striking thing about this group is that it is organized and written mostly by men, yet is almost entirely about women. It is not unusual in this group to read a man saying, “Women […]

by Ronald Lawson, Ph.D. | 26 May 2019 | This paper was presented at the meeting of the Religious Research Association, 2008. Adventists viewed themselves as “God’s Remnant People,” who, as the bearers of “present truth,” were charged with delivering God’s final warning message in the last days. Other Protestant groups were “apostate” and had […]

by Richard W. Coffen | 22 May 2019 | Sabbath, April 6—Hands on my wristwatch pointed to 9:25. Sabbath school class discussion would soon commence. George, with his Santa Claus white beard, sat in his usual corner. Snowbird Sylvia, a devout Catholic, had donned her best go-to-church dress. Beth, another snowbird, looked spiffy in her […]