Dr Desmond Ford Thu Tawm Dr Desmond pen march kha 11 zingsang 1:15am in gupkhiat na sung ah a kamciam kician tak om mah bang in Zeisu sung ah hong nusia hi. Ford pen Townsville, Northern Queensland, Australia ah Feb 2, 1929 in piang hi. A nu leh a pa te pen bishop ukna tawh […]

SDA UPNA A NUSIA D. M. CANRIGHT THU (SDA Tangthu) “Nangmah in sihna na thuak dongin thumanin om in. Tua hi leh, nuntakna kumpilukhu nang kong pia ding hi.”Mangmuhna 2:10 1880 kum in George Butler pen James White tangin GC President ding kitel hi. Tua dinmun a lamen khat ahi DM Canright pen a lungkim […]

Neal Clayton Wilson (July 5, 1920 – December 14, 2010) served as the president of the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church from 1979 to 1990. Wilson was head of the North American Division when elected on January 3, 1979, to take the place of the ailing former General Conference president Robert Pierson, who had resigned for reasons of health. […]

Biography of Robert S. Folkenberg Robert S. Folkenberg was born on January 1, 1941 in Santurcee, Puerto Rico to missionary parents. He went to school in Puerto Rico until the fourth grade before finishing elementary school in Cuba. He entered high school in California and ultimately graduated from Milo Adventist Academy in 1958.  Folkenberg first […]

Born the grandson of a Baptist preacher and governor of Vermont, George Butler became the fifth president of the Seventh-day Adventist church. At age nine, he went through the 1844 disappointment with his family. He was converted at the age of 22 through the efforts of J. N. Andrews. In 1859 he settled on a […]

ယေရှုခရစ်၏ ၁၈နှစ် ပြဿနာ ——– fri တစယာက် က မေး လာ လို့ ဆရာ ဆိုး ရဲ့၁၈နှစ် ပြသ နာ ဖြေ ရှင်း ချက် လေး ကို ယုံကြည် သုူ များ အ မြင် ရှင်းဖို့အ တွက် တင် ပေး လိုက် ပါ တယ် ယေရှုခရစ်တော်၏ သက်တော်စဉ်ကို ဖတ် ရှုလေ့လာကြ သောအခါ … ဆိုး (ညစဉ်ခွန်အား) သက်တော် (၁၂) နှစ် မှ အနှစ် (၃၀) အတွင်း ကြားကာလ (၁၈) နှစ်တွင် ယေရှုခရစ်တော်သည် ဘယ်မှာရှိနေသနည်း။ ထိုကာလ ယေရှုခရစ်တော်၏ ဘဝတစိတ်တပိုင်းနှင့် […]

Heidi Burke (kum 14) in khut le khe kimlo himah taleh ama’ tup le ngimte a hanciamna ah bangmah buaina pia lo hi. Burke in a sangkahna Shawnee Mission, Kansas a om Midland Adventist Academy ah lai siam leh music siam in minthang hi. Band tawh a kithuah ciangin Trumpet tum a, inn ah a […]

ELLEN G. WHITE THU By: Pr. Kham Khen Pau Thu Patna: Seventh-day Adventist Believe 27 bu sungah Ellen G. White’ laigelhte Lai Siangtho tangg aa zat ding hi lo hi. A kizakimin zong seh ding hi lo hi. Lai Siangtho pen, a tuam vilvel Pasian kammal, Kha Siangtho humop (II Tim. 3:16) ahih manin, Ellen […]

11 March 2019  | Dr. Desmond “Des” Ford went to his rest in Christ today at the age of 90. A pastor in Australia, where he was born and raised, he graduated from Avondale College in 1950 and completed a Master’s degree in systematic theology in 1959 at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary when it […]

1882 kum November 21 ni suak. 1899 kum in Tui kiphum. 1904 kum in Pennsylvania University pan B.Sc. Degree ngah 1908 kumin Rochester Theological Seminarypan B.D Degree ngah. 1908 July 7 ni Ordination kipia. 1908 Sept. 3 ni Elizabeth Coldwel Smith tawh kiteng Tapa 3 nei in; Joseph Howard Cope, Harry Cope leh Appleton Danforth […]

NUNG ZUIPITE KALSUANNA & SIH DAN 1. Matthew in Ethipia khua ah biakna hangin Naamsau tawh thahna thuak hi. 2. Mark in Egypt gam Alexandra khua sungah Sakol tawh lampi dungah a sih dongin ki-kaaitaal hi. 3. Luke in Greece khua ah a hunzat nasialua a hihmanin kikhai lupna thuak hi. 4. John in Rome […]

Early Life Victor Kipzanang was born at Khuasak, Chin State on 4 Dec 1940 to Pu Tuang Thawng and Pi Vung Kam.  His father was an active leader of the Christian Endeavor Society, who finished a diploma from Pyinmana Agricultural Institute.  He was known as the forerunner of modern agriculture and horticulture in the Chin […]

Early Life (1939-1959) Thang Pu was born at Kaptel, Tiddim Township, Chin State on 15th June 1939. His parents were Mr. Gen Khaw Tual and Mr. Thawng Do Cing. He has six brothers and sisters. He was the six and from the eldest, they were Mrs. Vung Khan Man (late), Mr. Khual Pau (late), Mr. […]

First Non-Zomi President of UMM Elisha Paul Early Life (1925-1940) Elisha Paul was born at Shwedaw village, Taungngu district, Bago (formerly, Pegu) Region, Central Myanmar (formerly, Burma) on 24th April 1925. His parents were Mr. Paul Myet Mai and Mrs. Ruby. First the family lived at Tungyin village. Elisha has six brothers and sisters. He […]