A nuntak tan ding kisehkhol (determined)a, a nuntak kha phazah ding kiciangtan khin hi. Nangmah in na ciangtan khin a, kikheel thei nawnlo hi. (Job 14: 5).     Laisiangtho mundang I sim ciangin, Mihingte nuntak tan ding pen, kum sawmsagih bang hi a, cidam le-ung kum sawmgiat bang hi thei hi (Late 90: 10)na ci hi.      A […]

Sawm ah Khat leh Sumpite By Sia Genmung ****************** 1. Acts 17:25 Topa in nate tung ah nuntaakna pia hi. 2. Psalms 50:10 Gamlaka ganhing khempeuh, mual tul tampi tunga bawng leh lawi, tuu leh keelte in, keima neihsa hi, “Topa in ci hi. 3. Haggai 2:8 Kham leh nguunte in keima neihsa hi. 4. […]

Gup Ngah Kitelcianna ~ Translated by Pr Nangpi (Principal of Anderson Adventist Seminary)   Gupna tawh kisai kitelcianna pen Laisiangtho in kician tak in hong hilh hi. Eite in Zeisu sungah, a kicing muanna leh kitelcian ngamna i neihtheih zia Topa Pasian hong gen hi.   Anuaia Laisiangtho munte lungngai ni: Lungsim patau-in, a lauthawng […]

IH Talent Zatsiam Ni ~ Pr Nangpi   Keytext: EFESA 4:11 Amah in mite tungah siamna a tuamtuam hong pia a,..  “Talent” a khiatna leh a deihna: Mikim tungah Pasian in a kibang lo, a hong piak siamna pen Talent kici hi. Tua na neih na siamna pen Pasian mintawh mite phattuam na dingin na […]

Immanuel/Emmanuel   Laisiangtho sungah “Nang tawh kong om khawm ding” cih Laisiangtho mun 5 om aa “lau kei in” cih 365 vei bang om hi. Immanuel or Emmanuel a khiatna pen Laisiangtho mah in hong genpah aa “EI TE TAWH PASIAN OMKHAWM” cihna hi. “Leitung beidong note tawh kong omkhawm ding hi.” Matt 28:20   […]

by Mark Cartwright A Kammal Gencianna Tophet (topheth zong kici) akici pen tanglai in Phoenicia le a nunglam ciangin Carthage mun a te in khuapi pua ah biakpiankna a neih uh ciangin misi luang, a diak in naupangte a haltumna mun siangtho ahi hi. Tophet  pen Phoenicia le amau gamkekna pana a ngah uh Mediteranean sung a […]

PASIAN’ CIAPTEHNA________________________________________________ Thupatna: Lucifer in Pasian do-a Satan a suah akipan zuau le tak kikal, thumaan le thukhial kikalah kidona om den hi. Mihing pen a pan nopna lamlam pang thei-a, a tawpna ah ama panna tawh kizui-in thaman a sang ding ahi hi. Christ hong pai kik ciangin mi khempeuh in khensatna a nei […]

Banghun in Topa Jesu hong suak hiam?  Peter Suumpi Bang hun in Topa Jesu hong suak hiam? Ih bawl ngeina ahi December 25 ni aa hong suak himah ding hiam? Hih thu tawh kisai in mi tampi te in ih tel ding kisam hi. Topa Jesu hong suah kum, hong suahni cih tawh kisai in […]

The Biblical Basis for a Modern Prophet Author: Frank B. Holbrook New Testament support for a continuing prophetic gift. The prophetic gift rests upon the fundamental need for communication to take place between the Deity and the fallen family of humankind. The occult and the category of false prophets are two systems which have functioned […]

What Does Daniel Chapter 11 Mean? Theologians review and debate Adventist understandings. By: Joe Reeves, Lake Union Conference, and Adventist Review The 2019 Daniel 11 Prophecy Conference hosted by the Village Seventh-day Adventist Church in Berrien Springs, Michigan, United States, presented an opportunity for new understanding of a difficult prophetic passage of the Bible. The October 17-19 […]

The Dangers of Demonization and Polarized Thinking By Loren Seibold  |  11 October 2019  | A few months ago, I received an article from someone comparing Elder Ted Wilson to President Donald Trump. The author saw in both of them an authoritarian streak (probably true) but then added numerous other less thoughtful comparisons. I admit that […]

Adam, Death and the Age of the Earth   by Paul Priest  |  27 September 2019  | I was born a third-generation Seventh-day Adventist. I grew up being taught the traditional Adventist creation paradigm, which is based to a large extent on Ellen White’s interpretation of Genesis. I taught this paradigm for 22 years in […]

  Solomon pen Israel kumpi dinga hong dinkip khitciangin ma-ang sungah Topa hong kilang a, “Bang kong pai ding hiam?” ci in dong hi. Kumpite masa 3:5. Hih akhangno kumpipa in sum leh paai, nuntaak sauna, hauhna phatnate ngen thei hi, ahih hangin amah in tuate ngenlo hi. Ka mite ka uktheih nading pilna ci […]

Cyrus’ or Artaxerxes’ Decree? Issues in Dating the 70-Week Prophecy by André Reis, Ph.D.  |  4 October 2019  | This commentary is occasioned by the introduction of a new Sabbath School quarterly about Ezra and Nehemiah. The first lesson in the quarterly deals with the events surrounding the completion of the reconstruction of Jerusalem and its temple […]

Lesson 4: A langpang Kumpipa Tapa David tate lakah Absalom in amel hoih pen, angiansiam pen, ahuaiham pen hi. Laisiangtho sungah, “Isreal mi khempeuh lakah Absolom banga melhoih, alu pan a kheme dong paubanna neilo alutunga kumpi lukhu tawh akilawm mahmah midang khat beek omlo hi,”ci-in gen hi. 2 Samuel 14:25. Ahih hangin amah in, […]