Ellen G White leh Spirit of Prophecy by Ted Wilson

E G White leh Spirit of Prophecy tawh kisai GC president Pr. Dr. Ted Wilson genna
Q: Mangmuhna Rev.19:10 sung ah Zeisu pen “The Spirit of prophecy” a hih khit nungsang a bang hang in Ellen G White’ laibu te pen “The spirit of Prophecy” ci’n ki ciamteh hiam?? – Anyar, South Sudan
A: Revelation 19:10 sung a Johan kiang a thugen vantung pen’ tungtawn in hi leh , Zeisu kudai lian pen “The spirit of prophecy” na hilo in, “The testimony of Jesus” Zeisu’ teci panna na hi zaw hi. Tua a hih leh  hih “The testimony of Jesus” a cih bang hi ding leh?? Vantung mi in kamsang ci a, a sap a hi Johan sanggam te’ neih cih khat in na gen hi. Rev. 22:9. Cih nop na ah, the testimony of Jesus i cih pen kamsang te tungtawn pan a Zeisu in a mite a hopih na kammal cih na a hi hi.
Tua man in hih “The testimony of Jesus” pen ” Pasian kammal lai siangtho leh Revelation 1:2 sung a Johan muh thu khempeuh tawh a ki zom na hi hi. Hih “The testimony of Jesus” thu a kigenna adang a thupi mahmah khat zong Revelation 12:17 ah ki mu thei a, hiteng ah pen ni tawp ni ciang,  A cianlai pawlpi( the remnant church) te pen “Pasian thukham a len te leh Zeisu’ teci panna (the testimony of Jesus) a nei te cih gen cianna na om hi.
E G White leh Spirit of Prophecy tawh kisai GC president Pr. Dr. Ted Wilson genna, Ellen G White leh Spirit of Prophecy by Ted WilsonHih genkholhna tungtawn in hi leh pen, Hun nunung a Pasian pawlpi( The remnant church) te tulaitak a om zeizai Christian tampi te lak pan i khentel theih na ding in a kician mahmah in thubulpi 2 na om hi. (1). Pasian thupiak te zui uh a, a ni 7th Sabbath ni zong na pa hi. ( see Exodus 20:8-11). Hih a ni 7th Sabbath ni pen tuni in hi leh ( Saturday) ni na hi hi( Luke 23:50-56, 24:1-3) na sim in. (2) Amau te in ” The spirit of prophecy tungtawn pan Zeisu hopi na kammal te nei uh hi.
Seventh-day Adventist te in ah Ellen G. White in Pasian  aa ding in  a sepkhiat na te leh laibu a hong  gelh khiat te pen Pasian kiang pan a  ngah hun nunung a ki ginkholh na ding, letsong khat hi cin kisang hi. A man taktak in ci le hang hih “The spirit of prophecy” i cih pen tang lai pek pan a Pasian in kamsang te tung ah thu gen a tua kamsang ten lai a hong gelh khiat uh kammal te a cih na a hi hi. Revelation 12:17 a tangtun na a hi, hih hun nunung ah a tuam vilvel a pilvang tak a i om theih na ding Pasian hong hilh kholh na hi ci in Ei Seventh-day Adventist te in  Ellen G White laigelhte pen “The spirit of prophecy” hi ci in kisang hi. 
Kamletkhia: Kap Tungno,USA
Q: Why are books by Ellen White branded as the “Spirit of Prophecy” while Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy in Revelation 19:10? — Anyar, from South Sudan
A: According to the angel who spoke to John in Revelation 19:10, the spirit of prophecy is not Jesus Himself but “the testimony of Jesus.” What, then, is “the testimony of Jesus”? The angel says that it is something John’s “brethren” have, whom the angel later calls “the prophets” (Rev. 22:9). In other words, the testimony of Jesus is the inspired message of Jesus to His people through the prophets. That’s why it’s connected with “the word of God” and “all things that he [John] saw” in Revelation 1:2. Another important mention of “the testimony of Jesus” is found in Revelation 12:17, which describes God’s end-time remnant people as those “who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.” According to this prophecy, there are two key qualities by which God’s remnant church can be identified and by which they are distinguished from the countless other Christian churches that exist today: (1) they keep the Ten Commandments, including the seventh-day Sabbath (see Exodus 20:8-11), which is Saturday, and (2) they have messages from Jesus through “the spirit of prophecy.” Seventh-day Adventists recognize that the gift of prophecy was manifested in the ministry and writings of Ellen G. White. While technically, “the spirit of prophecy” refers to inspired messages from God (or Jesus) throughout history, we refer to the writings of Ellen White as “the Spirit of Prophecy” in order to draw special attention to the inspired messages God has given us in the last days, which are a fulfillment of Revelation 12:17. Interestingly, Ellen White uses “spirit of prophecy” both ways, to refer to inspired messages from God in Bible times (see Patriarchs and Prophets, p. 366) as well as to her own writings (see Selected Messages, book 3, pp. 30, 38; Testimonies for the Church, vol. 4, p. 12), which, as we have seen, is in harmony with the Bible’s own use of the term.