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News Report Aug 23, 2019

News reports from Newbold College; Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital; Kettering Adventist Church; Sussex, England and ADRA International.

Moor Close at Newbold College (originally built in 1864-65) has undergone a significant update in which much of the ground floor has been refreshed and upgraded. In a news story, the Berkshire, England-based school stated that heritage planners had joined the planning process to make sure the original character and aesthetics of Moor Close were maintained. The renovations include The Oak Lounge, The Green Lounge, The Blue Room and The Chapel. The update will improve Newbold’s ability to host events.

From a LLUCH press release: Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital performed a robotic-assisted Nissen fundoplication surgery in July on a young patient, ridding him of lifelong painful reflux issues and further extending the hospital’s use of robotic surgery for children.

Edward P. Tagge, MD, pediatric surgeon at LLU Children’s Hospital and Victoria Pepper, MD, pediatric surgery fellow, performed the procedure.

“The robot provides improved dexterity, tremor filtration, greater degrees of freedom and improved optical magnification,” Tagge said. “Patients who undergo robotic-assisted procedures have more precise surgical procedures and potentially shorter hospital stays.”

On August 14, the Kettering Adventist Church hosted a public prayer gathering for the Dayton metropolitan area which suffered a mass shooting incident last weekend which resulted in the deaths of nine innocent persons and the wounding of about 30 more. Kettering is a suburb of Dayton and there are a dozen Adventist congregations in the region, as well as eight hospitals operated by the Kettering Health Network, a medical ministry of the denomination; Kettering College, Spring Valley Academy, two preschool centers, and the Good Neighbor House free clinic and social services sponsored by the denomination.  The group spent time processing the event, discussing a Biblical narrative that gives hope and praying for those affected. The congregation is also providing support for Julia Avenue, a neighborhood hit hard by the 15 tornadoes that touched down in the area at the end of May. Adventist volunteers are helping with cleanup and restoration efforts.

Some 4,000 Pathfinder Club children and adults spent July 30 to August 4 on the Ardingly Showground in Sussex, England, in a camporee. As with all such camps the Pathfinders can earn badges of rank, learn woodworking skills, exchange pins, make friends and renew their faith. According to the General Conference youth department there are about 2.6 million Pathfinders in over 90,000 local clubs around the world.

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) celebrated August 19’s World Humanitarian Day by recognizing some of the organization’s #WomenHumanitarians around the world. On ADRA International’s Facebook page, the NGO (nongovernmental, nonprofit organization) profiled Dalva, one of the project managers responding to the Venezuelan refugee crisis in Brazil. In addition, the organization introduced readers to Rit, the program director in Lebanon who works to help Syrian refugees, including children refugees, with disabilities. Nabila, an ADRA worker in Yemen, was also featured, as was Sunita, program manager for Keep Girls Safe, an ADRA program in Thailand helping girls affected by human trafficking.