by Mark Cartwright A Kammal Gencianna Tophet (topheth zong kici) akici pen tanglai in Phoenicia le a nunglam ciangin Carthage mun a te in khuapi pua ah biakpiankna a neih uh ciangin misi luang, a diak in naupangte a haltumna mun siangtho ahi hi. Tophet  pen Phoenicia le amau gamkekna pana a ngah uh Mediteranean sung a […]

Dr Desmond Ford Thu Tawm Dr Desmond pen march kha 11 zingsang 1:15am in gupkhiat na sung ah a kamciam kician tak om mah bang in Zeisu sung ah hong nusia hi. Ford pen Townsville, Northern Queensland, Australia ah Feb 2, 1929 in piang hi. A nu leh a pa te pen bishop ukna tawh […]

SDA UPNA A NUSIA D. M. CANRIGHT THU (SDA Tangthu) “Nangmah in sihna na thuak dongin thumanin om in. Tua hi leh, nuntakna kumpilukhu nang kong pia ding hi.”Mangmuhna 2:10 1880 kum in George Butler pen James White tangin GC President ding kitel hi. Tua dinmun a lamen khat ahi DM Canright pen a lungkim […]

Santa Claus hong pianna thu  Peter Suumpi December 24 zan hong tun ciang naupang te in meikhu khahkhiatna pan athau mahmah Santa Claus inn sung ah hong lut ding aa letsong hong pia ding hi ci in um uh hi. Bang hang in hibang upnate hong piang ahitam maw? Europe gam te pan hih ngeina […]

“Adventus” le “Sweet December”  Peter Suumpi Catholic thuzui mi khat in “Ei Catholic Pawlpi in bang hang in December ni khat ni Sweet December bawl lo ih hia? Ih sanggam tuiphum pawlpi te in zan in khangno te zanhak in gualnop bawl ngeingai uh in Topa Jesu hong suah kha ci in dawn ngei ngai […]

April 14, 1865 nitak 10:25 pawl in limlak kineihsiam (actor) John Wilkes Booth in Ford Theatre ah “Our American Cousin” cih limlah en a om ahi US kumpi Abraham Lincoln a deek pan in thautawh kap aa April 15 zingsang 7:22 hun in Lincoln in a nunung huu sangin a leitung nuntakna bei hi. Lincoln […]

Banghun in Topa Jesu hong suak hiam?  Peter Suumpi Bang hun in Topa Jesu hong suak hiam? Ih bawl ngeina ahi December 25 ni aa hong suak himah ding hiam? Hih thu tawh kisai in mi tampi te in ih tel ding kisam hi. Topa Jesu hong suah kum, hong suahni cih tawh kisai in […]

Robert Kloosterhuis, Former World Church Vice President, Dies at 87 In ministry he was known to be ahead of his time. By: Penny Brink, Adventist Review  Robert John Kloosterhuis, long-time church administrator and previous vice president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, died on November 3, 2019. He was 87.  Kloosterhuis was born on August 22, 1932, […]

NULEPA LE TATE KIZOPNA Zo Phualva Thupuak Vol 09, Issue 08: Nulepate in Tate tawh Kinai un.—Nulepa pawlkhatte in atate uh theisiam hetlo in kithuahpih lo uh hi. Tate le nulepate kigamla uh hi. Tate thuaknate nulepa in theihpih in amaute sungah aom thute kaikhia zo uh hileh huzaapna hoih neizo ding uh hi. Nulepa te […]

ZOGAM AH PASIAN THU TUN ZAWH KUM 121 CINGTA! Rev. Arthur E. Carson te’ nupa Hakha Zogam ah American Baptist Missionary hong tung masa penpen ahi Mr. and Mrs.Carsonte nupa in Chin State (Zogam) ah Pasian thu( The Gospel of Christ) hong puak zawh kum 112 cing ta hi. Sangmang Rev. Arthur E. Carson le […]

Neal Clayton Wilson (July 5, 1920 – December 14, 2010) served as the president of the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church from 1979 to 1990. Wilson was head of the North American Division when elected on January 3, 1979, to take the place of the ailing former General Conference president Robert Pierson, who had resigned for reasons of health. […]

Biography of Robert S. Folkenberg Robert S. Folkenberg was born on January 1, 1941 in Santurcee, Puerto Rico to missionary parents. He went to school in Puerto Rico until the fourth grade before finishing elementary school in Cuba. He entered high school in California and ultimately graduated from Milo Adventist Academy in 1958.  Folkenberg first […]

Ted N.C. Wilson(2010-) Jan Paulsen(1999-2010) Robert S. Folkenberg(1990-1999) Neal C. Wilson(1979-1990) Robert H. Pierson(1966-1979) Reuben R. Figuhr(1954-1966) William H. Branson(1950-1954) James L. McElhany(1936-1950) Charles H. Watson(1930-1936) William A. Spicer(1922-1930) Arthur G. Daniells(1901-1922) George A. Irwin(1897-1901) Ole A. Olsen(1888-1897) George I. Butler(1871-1874, 1880-1888) John N. Andrews(1867-1869) James S. White(1865-1867, 1869-1871, 1874-1880) John Byington(1863-1865)

Born the grandson of a Baptist preacher and governor of Vermont, George Butler became the fifth president of the Seventh-day Adventist church. At age nine, he went through the 1844 disappointment with his family. He was converted at the age of 22 through the efforts of J. N. Andrews. In 1859 he settled on a […]

From Great Disappointmentto General Conference The Millerites firmly believed that Jesus Christ’s “second advent” (His second coming to earth) would occur on October 22, 1844. When His second coming did not take place, many Millerites were disillusioned and gave up belief in a literal second advent; but others went back to studying the scriptures. Over […]