Lesson 3       SABBATH: SUAHTAK  NI July 13 –  19                                  Sabbath  Nitaklam                                 July 13  Tukaalsung sim ding:      Exodus 16: 6-18; 20: 8-11; Deut. 5:12-15; Matt. 12:9-13; Lev. 25:1-7. Kamngah: Tua ciangin, Amah in, “Sabbath ni, mihingte phattuamna […]

SIGN OF SANCTIFICATION! “Moreover also I gave them my Sabbaths, to be a sign between me and them, that they might know that I am the LORD that sanctify them.” Ezekiel 20:12! It is impossible for man to change the institution of the Sabbath. When God laid the foundations of the earth he laid the […]

DOTNA: Romans 14:5 in bang gen hiam? “Mi pawlkhatte in ni khat peuh adang sangin thupi zaw hi cih ngaihsutna nei uh a, pawlkhatte in ni khempeuh a kibang kim hi ci-in ngaihsun uh hi. Tua ahih manin a kuama peuh in amau hoihsakna thu cian takin thei ta uh hen” ci hi (KJV). A taktakin hih thu in […]

Nipi Ni (Sunday) Kam Honna: Kaal khat sunga ni masa ni pen Sunday ni hi a, Zomi a tamzaw thamin Nipi ni ci-in kisam hi. Mikangte zat Lai Saingtho bu te ah Sunday ni pen ‘the first day of the week’ ci in gen hi. Topa Zeisu pen nipi ni zingsangin tho kik hi cih […]

Some religious organizations (Seventh-day Adventists, Seventh-Day Baptists, and certain others) claim that Christians must not worship on Sunday but on Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath. They claim that, at some unnamed time after the apostolic age, the Church “changed” the day of worship from Saturday to Sunday. However, passages of Scripture such as Acts 20:7, 1 Corinthians […]

Why Worship on Sunday? A Saturday vs Sunday Comparison Publisher Info: Author: Larry W. Wilson Publish Date: October, 2014 Last Updated: October 13, 2017 Offline Copy: Save or Print PDF Version I have been an advocate for “salvation through faith alone in Jesus Christ” for more than forty years. I also believe in the perpetual and obligatory nature of […]

Your Bible Questions Answered Featured Topics The second coming is soon. In fact, Jesus promised His disciples that He would come again. Most scholars date this event around the 13th or 14th century BC. God gave the Decalogue, or 10 Commandments, to the Israelites shortly after they left Egypt. The promises of God are yes […]

Ten Reasons why the Sabbath is not for Jewish by Steve Wohlberg Translated by Ningpi Gualnam Sabbath in Jew minam te a bek ahih lohna Thu Sawm (A teikhia Ningpi Gualnam) 1) Adam and Eve were not Jewish. “God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it” (Genesis 2:3) before sin entered. “Sanctified” means “to be set apart for holy use.” The only ones in […]

Dotna: Zeisu in Sabbath’ Topa ka hi hi ci a hih man in, tua Topa Zeisu ih neih khit ciang ama bawlsa Sabbath ni pen tan/ siangtho sak sese kisam lai ding a hiam? Eite tua Sabbath To Zeisu ah tawlnga khin hang a, Sabbath ni a tawlngak se se kisam ding a hi hiam? […]

NUNGZUIPITE PEN KAAL KHAT SUNGAH A NIKHATNI IN KIMUKHAWM UH HILO HIAM? (Acts 20:7) Hih kimuhkhopna a hang kan lehang, Paul a zingciang khual a zin ding ahihi. Na lamdang lianpi bawl a Eutychus pen sihna pan thosak kik hi. Tua kimuhkhop hun pen zankim laitak ahihi. Genesis 1: 5 sung sim lehang Pasian in […]

Dotna : Sia aw, Zeisu leh a Nungzuite in Sabbath ni a tan lohzia uh Matthew 12 ah kimu thei hi. Matthew 12:1 -8, ah Sabbath ni in mangbuh mun kantan in apai lai un a nungzuite in buhvui zuut uh a, Farisse te in zong Sabbath ni in tuabang a gamtat ding na deih […]

PASIAN IN MANG NGILHKE’N A CIH CIANG IN John pen Christian kician mahmah khat hi-in a nupa un a citak mahmah thu-um mi ahi uh hi. Pasian deihna a thei nuam ngiat te zong ahi uh hi. Laisiangtho sunga genkholhna tawh kisai thuhilhna ka bawlna sungah a nupa un hong kah tangtang uh a, ka thuhilhna tungtawnin amau nupa […]

LAISIANGTHO’ GENDAN DOTNA LEH DAWNNA #31 pan #44    31. Dotna: Thuciam lui huna limciin na pawi tuamtuam te pen a tak tak Zeisu ahih theihna leh Zeisu in hong zattoh dan, hong kicinsak dante hong hilh lai dih ve?   Dawnna : Tua ahih leh lunglut takin na ngai inla, pawituamtuam te’ lim ciinna […]

E G White leh Spirit of Prophecy tawh kisai GC president Pr. Dr. Ted Wilson genna **********************************************************   Q: Mangmuhna Rev.19:10 sung ah Zeisu pen “The Spirit of prophecy” a hih khit nungsang a bang hang in Ellen G White’ laibu te pen “The spirit of Prophecy” ci’n ki ciamteh hiam?? – Anyar, South Sudan […]

  SABBATH LEH SUNDAY THU: LAISIANGTHO’ GENDAN DOTNA LEH DAWNNA #1 pan #30 1. Dotna : Bang hangin Seventh-day Adventist te’n ki ginni tang na hi uh hiam? Dawnna: Ki ginni tang kei ung e. Pasian tawlngakni (Sabbath) a tang hi zaw ung. Ki ginni na cih det pen uh Laisiangtho in, tawlnga un, siangtho […]