PL Thlenga - Nute Ni Special Message


By Pastor PL Thlenga

“Pasian’ Tapa a um mite in nuntak tawntungna a nei na hih lamtak uh na theih nadingun hih lai a hong gelh ka hi hi.” (1 John 5:13).
Gupna ngah loh lam ding i ki tel theih a leh gupna i ngah ding lam zawng tel theih leng ki lawm hi.

“ Tua ahih manin Pasian’ Tapa a um mi peuhmah in Pasian’ teci panna a sang ahi hi. Ahi zongin Pasian’ thugen a um lo mi peuhmah in ama Tapa thu teci pangin a gennate a um lo uh ahih manin Pasian pen zuaugen a suaksak ahi uh hi. Tu-in Pasian’ teci panna in: Pasian in ama Tapa tungtawnin eite tungah nuntak tawntungna a hong pia hi. Pasian’ Tapa tawh a kipawl peuhmah in nuntak tawntungna nei a, Pasian’ Tapa tawh a kipawl lote in nuntak tawntungna nei lo uh hi, cihna ahi hi.” 1John 5:10-12.

Gupna i ngah leh ngah loh pen ki tel theih hi leh ki lawm hi. Bang ci ki tel ding?

Pasian Tapa tawh i ki pawl(ki zawp) ah leh nun tak tawntungna a nei hi hang, i ki pawl kei leh a nei lo hi ziau hang.

Jesus said, “Rejoice, because your names are written in heaven.” Luke 10:20.

Jeisu in a sawl takte kiangah van tungah an min a ki gelh man in nuam un, lungdam un ci hi. Gupna i ngah leh ngah loh i tel kei leh koi ci lung dam ding? Lungdamna thu bang cin tangko thei ding i hiam?

Nau a pai te in zawng apai tunga kipan nau a pai lam uh thei uh hi. Hih bang lianin Jeisu a nei apai te un amau ki tel hi.

This “life in the soul” is the actual beginning of “the life eternal” (DA 176, 331).

Ellen White in bang an ci hiam?

“We may have the assurance today that Jesus lives, and is making intercession for us. We cannot do good to those (RH April 22, 1884 par. 11).
Zo pau in “ Tuniin khamuanna (Assurance) nei thei hi hang banghang hiam cih leh Jeisu in eite a ding ong thum sak den dingin a nung ta hi. Eima kha mahmah a pautauh lai a leh (a khamuan kei leh) i kim i pam a mite a ding na hoih sem thei lo ding hi hang”

. “If you are right with God today, you are ready if Christ should come today” (HP 227).
Zo puain, “ Tuni in Pasian tawh na ki lem leh tuni in Krish ong pai leh nang a ready hi teh.”

Kamsang nuin Pasiua hehpinan pen maungmawh kei ni. Gupna ka ngha ding leh ngah loh ding ki tel keng ci kei ni ci hi.

“ We are not to doubt his mercy, and say, ‘I do not know whether I shall be saved or not.’ By living faith we must lay hold of his promise, for he has said, ‘Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow’ (ST, April 4, 1892, par. 3).

“Each one of you may know for yourself that you have a living Saviour, that he is your helper and your God. You need not stand where you say, ‘I do not know whether I am saved.’ Do you believe in Christ as your personal Saviour? If you do, then rejoice” (General Conference Bulletin(GCB) April 10, 1901, par. 14).

Zo pua in” Note in a nungta honpa na neih lamuh tel thei hi uh the. Jeisu pen an pasian leh ong makaih pa hi. Gupna ka ngha leh ngah loh kitel keng ciia an om kul lo hi. Jeisu pen nangma mimal honpa ah na sang hiam? Na sang a leh lungnuam takin awm in.”

Bang ci ai hiam?

“I am a sinner, and He died upon Calvary’s cross to save me. I need not remain a moment longer unsaved. He died and rose again for my justification, and He will save me now. I accept the forgiveness He has promised” (1SM 392).

Zo pau in, “ Mawhnei pa hi ing, Kalani singlamteh tungah ong gupkhia dingin si hi. Tom vei sung zawng gupna ngah keining ci a ka om kul lo hi. Si khin in thokik khin zo hi. Kei tu mahmah in ong gumkhia ding hi. Mawhmaina ong thuciam pen ken sang ing.”

Paul bel ki tel mahmah hi.

“Kei ka hih leh Pasian biakna-in hong kipiak ding hun hong tungta hi. Hih leitung nuntakna ka nusiat ding hun hita hi. Kidemna-ah ka hat tawpin ka hih khin a, a mong dongin ka tai khin a, upna thu khotakin lenin ka zokhin hi. Thu a manin a khen Topa in tua Ni ciangin kei a hong piak ding thuman lukhu ahi gualzawhna thaman in tu-in kei hong ngak gige hi. Kei tung bekah a hong pia ding hi lo a, ama hong paikik ding itna tawh a ngakte khempeuh tungah zong a pia ding ahi hi”2Timo 4:6-8

Gupna ngah khamuanna i neih a kul lam Ellen G. White in tam veipi na at hi. Hun nei lo ka hih manin khe man nawn keng. Mangpau a siam ten a khe le vou maw.

“it is essential to believe you are saved” (RH, Nov. 1, 1892).
“Jesus has saved me, though I had nothing to present to Him” (RH, July 14, 1891, par. 11).

“The perishing sinner . . . need not remain a moment longer unsaved’” (1SM 392).

Repentant sinners may “claim the blessing of God even now” (3SM 150).

The believer “need not stand where you say, ‘I do not know whether I am saved” (GCB April 10, 1901, par. 10 14).

And the one who clings to Christ with present active faith can be “as safe as though inside the city of God” (10MR 175).

.” Let us no more dishonor God by doubting his pardoning love” ST, Jan. 3, 1895.

“The perishing sinner may say: ‘I am a lost sinner; but Christ came to seek and to save that which was lost. He says, “I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance” (Mark 2:17). I am a sinner, and He died upon Calvary’s cross to save me. I need not remain a moment longer unsaved. He died and rose again for my justification, and He will save me now. I accept the forgiveness He has promised’ ” (1SM 392.1).

Laisiangtho sung pan ahizong Ellen G. White lai sung pan ahizong Gupna kitel cianna tawh kisai tam at mahmah hi. I mawhna khempeuh tawh Jeisu kiang zuana mawhna te pulaka, ngahdam i nget tak teh Topan ong mai sak paha, maisak bek hi loin a diktatna puan tawh ong tuam pah hi. Tua hun lian in eite pen midik i hi a, mi siangtho i hi pah hi. Tua lai takin si leng gupna ngah ding hi hang cih pen ki tel mahmah hi hang. Ei sianthona leh dik tatna hang hi loin. Jeisu sianthona leh diktatna hangin mi dikin ong pawm hang in. Tua pen the assurance of salvation ki ci hi.

A hih hangin khamuanna man lo zawng om hi. Tua in bang hiam i cih leh. Kei Topan ong gumkhia kihn zo a hih man in mai lamah bangbang ka bawl zawng ka gupna pen tan nawn kei ning a ci te pen man lo bek hi lo in dawimangpa pana ong pai false assurance hi.

Tuin si leng Gupna ngah ning cih i ki tel hangin kei ka gupna pen mang thei nawn lo kuaman ki ci thei peuh mah lo hi.

“He should never dare to say, ‘I am [eternally, irrevocably] saved’” (1SM 314; 3SM 355).”

Zo pau in, “Kei ka gupna mang thei nawn kei cih peuhmah gen ngam huai lo hi.”

“When the conflict of life is ended, when the armor is laid off at the feet of Jesus, when the saints of God are glorified, then and then only will it be safe to claim that we are saved, and sinless” (3SM 355).

Zo pau in “Kidona a man ciang, galvante Zeisu khe ngeiah i koih hun ciang, misiangtho ten vangliatna i ngah hun bek ciang tuin kei gupona ngah ta ing, mawhna nei nawn keng ei cih pen ki ngen ngam bek ding hi.”

I sih mateng nisim mawhna in ong om den ahih manin kei tun si leh gupna ngah lian ning Jeisu hangin cih i ki tel mahmah hang I gupna pen mang thei nawn lo hi peuh mah lo hi. Tua a hih man in nisim Jeisu kiangah i awm kula, Pasian bek i belh den kul hi. Mawhna khat peuhpueh i bawk khak kik ciang kisikkikin Jeisu kiangah i zawt zel kul hi.

Mawhna khat peuhpeuh i bawl sialin i gupkhiatna pen ong laksakin, i kisik kik ciang ong pia kik pahpah cih dan bel hi tuan lo hi.

Mawhna i bawl ciang nun takan laibua i min om pen phiat pah nai loin, a ma kiang i zawt kik hun ong ngak phot hi. I sih donga a mah i zawt kik kei leh bek nun takna laibua i min pen a ki phiat pan ding hi. Tua a hih man in I pianthak khit ciang mawhna I bawk kik khak aleh zawng kisikik a amah i zawt den ki sam mahmah hi.

“ Abiding in Him we become partakers of the divine nature and have the assurance of salvation now and in the judgment.”
Adventist Belief 10.

A ma sungah i om ciangin, Pasian zia leh tong la hi hanga, gupna ngah ding kicianna tuin leh thukhen ni ciang anei hi hang”

Leitungah Pasian thu lamah buaina I nieh ciang a phisian ding (research a bawl ding) a i nieh BRI te article khat makai pipa Dr. Ekkehardt Mueller i lai at ah zawng hotkhiatna I ngahleh ngah loh ki tel cianna a kul dan hih bangin an at hi.

The Importance of Certainty of Salvation
(1) Assurance is necessary in order to have the right relationship to God. It allows us to let go of all attempts to save ourselves. Instead of having religious stress we can love, thank, and trust God.
(2) 1(2) Assurance is necessary in order to have the right relationship to fellow humans. We do not help them through good works and our testimony in order to receive some points that would count toward our salvation. Our ministry is selfless.
(3) (3) Assurance is needed for our own psychological well-being, e.g., to experience joy, fearlessness, and serenity.
(4) (4) Assurance is needed when it comes to dying (2 Sam 23:1-5).

Laisiangtho in zong gen, Kamsangnu in zong gen, Adventist 28 Belief ah zong ki at, BRI makaiten zing gelh ahih tak teh Gupna ngah kitel a kulna kinial nawn kei ni. Gupna ngah I hih lam kiciat ding pen I sihma tektekin i neih kul hi. Tua i cih hang gupna ki tan thei nawn lo i cihna bel hi lo cih zawng tel ni.