The Deception that Changed the Adventist Church

There was a movement right after the death of Ellen White and our pioneers to adopt Trinitarianism into our church. And although there were a number of leaders
involved in this movement, one of the main characters was the man LeRoy Froom. You see, the Seventh-day Adventist Church was seen as a ‘cult’ by the rest of the
world, and so LeRoy Froom and others, instead of putting forth the straight truth to convince the world that we are not a cult, they changed the very
foundational pillar of our church, the God we worship, to bring the Seventh-day Adventist Church more in line with the rest of the world. And what is the
foundational teaching which the churches of Babylon unite on? The Trinity god! Just take a look at Froom’s confession in his book ‘Movement of Destiny’.

“May I here make a frank, personal confession? When back between 1926 and 1928 I was asked by our leaders to give a series of studies on the
Holy Spirit … I found that aside from priceless leads found in the Spirit of Prophecy, there was practically nothing in our literature setting forth a sound,
Biblical exposition in this tremendous field of study. There were no previous pathfinding books on the question in our literature.”
(LeRoy Froom, Movement of Destiny, p.322)

Actually, there is much information regarding the Holy Spirit in the writings of Ellen White and our pioneers. Information that reveals the Holy Spirit
to be the Spirit of Christ HIMSELF, not some other ‘third being’. Look at the following two examples of hundreds of quotes:

“It is not safe to catch the spirit from another. We want the Holy Spirit, which is Jesus Christ.” (E.White, Letter 66, April 10, 1894, par.17-18)

“They have one God and one Saviour; and one Spirit–THE SPIRIT OF CHRIST–is to bring unity into their ranks.” (E.G.White, Testimonies, Vol.9 p.189)

So why did Froom say the above? Because NONE of our pioneers were Trinitarians. And it was information supporting the trinity which Froom was
looking for. And the fact that he said there were ‘priceless leads’ in Ellen White’s writings, shows that she also did not believe in the trinity. But what
does Froom do? He chooses one or two texts out of context and deceitfully uses them to make people believe that Sister White did believe in the trinity,
when she didn’t. And Ellen White warned about her words being used deceitfully in Kellogg’s book. Speaking of Dr. Paulson who was becoming confused by Kellogg’s
teaching, she said … “Let Dr. Paulson take heed that he be not deceived. He may say, “Sister White’s own words are repeated in Dr. Kellogg’s
teachings.” True; but misinterpreted and misconstrued.”
(E.White, Letter 271b, 1903)

Don’t the various Sunday keeping churches have ‘priceless leads’ in scripture to support their false Sunday sabbath teaching, the immortal soul teaching and
others? But those so called ‘priceless leads’ are taken out of context and wrongly interpreted. So what does Froom admit
to turning to? [Because there wasn’t any hard evidence in Ellen White’s writings to support his case].

“I was compelled to search out a score of valuable books written by men outside of our Faith … for initial clues and suggestions …
Having these, I went on from there. But they were decided early helps. And scores, if not hundreds, could
confirm the same sobering conviction that some of these other men frequently had a deeper insight into the spiritual things of God than many of our own men had
on the Holy Spirit and the triumphant life
. It was still a largely obscure theme.”
(LeRoy Froom, Movement of Destiny, p.322)

So what does Froom do? He goes to the men of Babylon to study the trinity, because our church pioneers strongly rejected it … and rightly so, because it
is completely unBiblical. And I’m not just talking about the Roman Catholic version. ALL versions of the trinity teaching are false and very dangerous. But
Froom doesn’t stop there. He even has the audacity to say that the men of Babylon had a ‘deeper insight into the spiritual things of God than many of our pioneers’! What a wicked thing
to say! Our pioneers, just as Sister White confirmed, searched for truth as for hidden treasure and moved step by step under the influence of the
Spirit of God
(E.White, Review and Herald, May 25, 1905)

Due to the fact that nothing in the writings of our pioneers matched up to his agenda, Froom had to make it appear that our pioneers were in error and that the
‘true awakening’ had now begun after the death of our pioneers … “Surely the hour has now come to forget the past and its variances, to
press together, and to move forward unitedly.”
(Movement of Destiny, p.373) … “Thank God, that time of reticence and misunderstanding has passed
Thank God, that final awakening is definitely under way.”
(Movement of Destiny, p.322)

Froom was certainly not alone in this. In fact, the then President of the General Conference A.G.Daniells, supported Froom in bringing in this new trinitarian
view of God into the church. Froom states … “Back in the spring of 1930 Arthur G. Daniells, for more than twenty years president of our General
Conference, told me he believed that, at a later time, I should undertake a thorough survey of the entire plan of redemption – its principles,
provisions, and divine Personalities … But, he said, it is to be later-not yet, not yet … Possibly it would be necessary to wait until certain
individuals had dropped out of action
, before the needed portrayal could wisely be brought forth.”
(Movement of Destiny, p.17) … Those ‘certain
individuals’ who needed to ‘drop out of action’ (die), before properly implementing this plan were probably influential family members of the original pioneers.

And Froom admitted to be ‘pummelled’ by the old stalwarts of the church for entering into controversy over the personality of God and the Holy Spirit, because
they knew that what Froom was doing, would ‘sweep away the Christian economy’, just as Ellen White stated … “May I state that my book, The Coming of the
Comforter was the result of a series of studies that I gave in 1927-28, to ministerial institutes throughout North America. You cannot imagine how I was pummeled
by some of the old timers because I pressed on the personality of the Holy Sprit as the Third Person of the Godhead
. Some men denied that -still deny it.
But the book has come to be generally accepted as standard.”
(Letter of LeRoy Froom to Otto H. Christensen, Oct 27, 1960)

So what was the next step? The following quote should cause every true Seventh-day Adventist to shudder!

“The next logical and inevitable step in the implementing of our unified fundamental beliefs, involved revision of certain standard
, so as to eliminate statements that taught, and thus perpetuated erroneous views on the Godhead. Such sentiments were now sharply at variance with the
accepted fundamental beliefs set forth in the Church Manual.”
(Movement of Destiny, p.422)

“The removal of the last standing vestige of ‘Arianism’ in our standard literature was accomplished through the deletions
from the classic D+R [Daniel and the Revelation] in 1944.”
(Movement of Destiny, p. 465)

Just a quick note on the term ‘Arianism’ used above. That is a tag given to anyone who is non-trinitarian. Just like the three horn tribes who were wiped
out by the Papacy in Daniel 7. They too were non-trinitarians. But the Papacy has made it look like Arians believed Christ was a created being. And this is completely
fabricated just to make non-trinitarians look like they are in error. We do not believe Christ was created. We believe He was begotten, just as the Bible states!

For historical information regarding this, see DID

“Whether the teachings of Arius were such as are usually represented to us or not, who can say? Philippus Limborch doubts that Arius
himself ever held that Christ was created instead of being begotten
(B.G.Wilkinson, Truth Triumphant)

Our pioneers believed in the TRUE Biblical Godhead of Father and Son. With Jesus being the LITERAL Son of God the Father, begotten sometime in eternity past. But now this was against the ‘new view’ of God set forth by Froom and Co. So they went
about CHANGING the writings of our pioneers to fit in with the new belief. So just as Ellen White warned, there would be a ‘giving up of the doctrines which
stand as the pillars of our faith … our religion would be changed … the work of the pioneers would be counted as error, and books of a new order would be
(Ellen White, Battle Creek Letters, p.81)

And what was the primary purpose of what LeRoy Froom, Daniells and others did in bringing the trinity god teaching into the Adventist
Church? … We are one with our fellow Christians of denominational groups in the great fundamentals of the faith once delivered to the saints.”
(Questions on Doctrines, p.32).

Unity with Babylon was the primary purpose! Oh Lord, have mercy on us!