Biography of Pr Victor Kip Za Nang

Early Life
Victor Kipzanang was born at Khuasak, Chin State on 4 Dec 1940 to Pu Tuang Thawng and Pi Vung Kam.  His father was an active leader of the Christian Endeavor Society, who finished a diploma from Pyinmana Agricultural Institute.  He was known as the forerunner of modern agriculture and horticulture in the Chin Hills by introducing new plants, new fruit trees, new seeds, indigenous and modern methodology in agriculture and horticulture such as using horses to replace primitive manual farming.  He established a rice mill harnessed by water. Young Kip was living with his grandparents in the hilly country home while the rest of his family was staying at the plain area at Siyin village in Kalaymyo, Sagaing Region.  His grandfather Vum Kip was the sister of Kham Ciang who was the First Christian Convert along with her husband Pau Suan in 1904.  After finishing his third standard, he went down to Kalaymyo where his father was implementing what he had learned at school.  In spite of his younger brother’s warning, Kip played with the big pinions of the rice mill that caused the loss of his right hand that made him handicapped for life but that impairment did not impede the success of his life. 

Education and Marriage
He learned to write with his left that made as perfect as his right hand within a few weeks.  He named himself Victor aiming that someday he would live a successful life.  He finished Matriculation Examination in 1959 and also passed college eligibility examination for Spicer Memorial College in Poona, India.  He finished Bachelor of Liberal Arts with Religious Philosophy Major in 1966.  On 20 February 1967, he married Tulip Tun Za Cing, a daughter of a Baptist pastor.  The V Kips had five children: Lily Kam Khaw Huai (3 Aug 1968), second daughter Ngo Za Vung (born in 1970) and (died in 1973), Joseph Kip (20 Nov 1971), Rebecca Kam Cing (28 Oct 1973), and Benjamin Khai Thian Dal (1 Oct1978).  The descendant offspring of the V Kips: five grandchildren.

Career and Ministry
V Kipzanang begins his life career as an evangelist at Siyin, Kalaymyo Township, Sagaing Region on May 1, 1966. In 1970, he transferred to Kaptel, Tiddim Township, Chin State as pastor-evangelist.  On 22 Dec 1970, he was ordained to the gospel ministry.  After his ordination, he became the district pastor of Tiddim Townships from 1971 to 1974. In 1975-1976, he was called for the Secretary of the Ministerial Association of Myanmar Union. He became the president of Myanmar Union Adventist Seminary in 1976-1978. Then he became the president of South East Mission (1978-1980) and Upper Myanmar Mission (1981-1989) respectively. During 1990 to 1996 he served as the Union Ministerial Secretary. In 1996, he was elected as executive secretary of Myanmar Union Mission until he passed away on 21 April 1998.

Contribution and Legacy
V Kipzanang worked for the kingdom of God as pastor-evangelist for almost 8 years, as a mission president for 12 years, as a college president for 3 years, as a union ministerial secretary for 8 years, as a union executive secretary for 2 years and 3 months totaling almost 33 years of service.

Moses’ dream of entering Canaan with the chosen people of God came to naught.  Like Moses, he expected Jesus’ coming in the clouds of heaven to take the people of God home to many mansions in our Father’s house. He had no interest in the retirement plan at the age of 65.  He kept talking about life-long service.  Yes, for him he had served his beloved Lord until his life ebbing away.  He shed no tears.  He bade no farewell.  The author asked him what he would like to bid his children but he just said, “I want to sleep.  Just tell them your dad can sleep well.” Before the last prayers were said, the author asked him if he was satisfied to commit his life to the Lord.  He gave his affirmative and said, “Salvation is the free gift of God.” Others words were almost inaudible.  The author anointed him and offered the commitment prayer.  He passed away peacefully.

He was outstanding as a man of prayer, known by many people as a one-handed pastor, the youngest and most junior in service ever to be ordained, the youngest mission president ever to be elected until his time.  He was known as a soul winner who conducted evangelistic meetings in almost every major city in Myanmar.  At his funeral, Daniel Nangno, the ministerial secretary of the union at that time mourned to say, “One of the three mighty evangelists in Myanmar has gone,” The author inquired, “Who are the other two?”  He answered “Ngul Khaw Pau and E. Dwe Tha.”

“And Kip, the servant of the Lord died there in Yangon” without seeing the promises being fulfilled, but I believe that the omniscient God has a better plan for him and his family.  Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever” (Dan 12:3 NIV).
Author: Kenneth H. Suanzanang, Teacher, Evangelist, Church Pastor, District Pastor, Principal, ADRA CD, District Administrator, Mission President, and Union Communication/PARL/Legal Director, was born at Khuasak, Chin Hills on 15 Nov 1943.  He was ordained on13 Dec 1980, retired since 1 Jan 2009. His wife, Lian Za Dim and two daughters Lian Huai (28 Aug 1970) and Kam Uap [deceased] (9 Dec 1971) a son Thang Pau (2 July 1973) lived in Yangon. His hobbies are caring the sick, the bereaved and the church, news writing, reading, accordion playing.  He led out to sign MoU between MOH & ADRA on 20 July 1993 and the Declaration of Ownership of Trade Marks of the Adventist Church – the Graphic Symbol and logotype on 28 Aug 2007.  He was awarded Award of Merit by AWR in Dec, 2009 and Adventist netAward in May 2011. He wrote the Gospel Echo from Genesis.

Source: K. H. Suanzanang, “Victor Kipzanang obituary”, Myanmar Adventist News, (August 1998).