A lungdam huai mahmah amasa penpen Zokam tawh kigelh Lai Siangtho thu (Bibliology) laibu kigah dekta ———————————– Nampi cing tein a biakna ”thu siangtho bu” piankhiatzia/kilamzia thu-uh amau kamciat tawh nei-in theitel tamah leh ei Zomi Christian tein laibu gina tawh kiciantak in kinei zo nailo hi. Zomi Christian tein Lai Siangtho kilamzia tawh kisai […]

A conversion story of a Muslim youth as she struggled with atheism, mysticism, and New Age occultism Deniza Hush I was born the second of six children in a liberal Muslim family based in Zagreb, Croatia, in the former Yugoslavia.I remember watching my parents toil to complete their studies, as well as struggle to provide […]

*Donate a Book Campaign* On 15 March 2020 it’s exactly a year after Cyclone Idai hit the Eastern part of Zimbabwe, but the Mental health of the survivers is still an issue. Donate a book Campaign is a campaign that has been initiated by *BETTER COUNSELING SERVICES TRUST*, which is a Christian based Counselling institution […]

Burundi Union president Lamec Barishinga was detained on his way to East-Central Africa Division year-end meetings in Nairobi, Kenya, on October 24. Below is my letter to the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Burundi: Dear Seventh-day Adventist brothers and sisters in Burundi, Greetings to you in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. The videos and […]

Abortion Statement: 2019 General Conference Executive Committee by Loren Seibold  |  18 October 2019  | I am not an expert on the ethical questions surrounding abortion, or on the history of this issue in the church. What I’m reporting here is what I heard in Monday’s meeting of the General Conference (GC) Excom, followed up, […]

Abortion   Oct 12, 1992 Many contemporary societies have faced conflict over the morality of abortion.* Such conflict also has affected large numbers within Christianity who want to accept responsibility for the protection of prenatal human life while also preserving the personal liberty of women. The need for guidelines has become evident, as the Church […]

More Kenyan Churches Seek to Leave Adventist Conferences 18 October 2019 | The list of Adventist congregations in Kenya leaving General Conference-sanctioned conferences to join the recently-formed and self-appointed Nairobi Cosmopolitan Conference (NCC) is growing. On October 15, the Daily Nation reported that a number of churches in the Trans Mara region of the country seek to […]

Adventist School Is the Best in Norway Tyrifjord videregaende skole students gain the highest grade average across the country. By: Tor Tjeransen, Trans-European Division News Tenth-grade students at a church school in Norway gained the highest grade point average across the country during the past school year, according to statistics recently released by Norwegian education […]

News reports from the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Germany, Switzerland, Lansdale, Pennsylvania and Sacramento, California: More than 12,000 Adventists took to the streets of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, to commemorate the 69th anniversary of World Pathfinder Day on 21 September. The young people and church leaders wore their uniforms, scarves and sashes and held banners stating this […]

In Thailand in October 2014 Zaw Lin and Wai Phyo, Burmese migrant workers were arrested for The joint murder of David Miller The joint murder of Hannah Witheridge The joint rape of Hannah Witheridge The theft of a mobile phone – Wai Phyo The theft of sunglasses – Wai Phyo Immigration offences by both defendants […]

ADRA Banned from Camps in Bangladesh as Government Clamps Down on Rohingya Refugees Click here for a statement from ADRA on the suspension of operations in the area. 25 September 2019 | The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) has been banned from Rohingya refugee camps near the Cox’s Bazar area of Bangladesh close to […]

Mongolia Adventists Gain Visibility Thanks to Health Fair Thousands visit and enjoy an event that raises the profile of the Adventist Church in the country. By: Joanne Myoung Kim, Northern Asia-Pacific Division, and Adventist Review Seventy-four short-term missionaries arrived at Chinggis Khaan International Airport near Ulaanbaatar on July 30, 2019, to help share the gospel in […]

Andrews Study Bible (NIV) Kihawm-khia ta (Sept 5, 2019) A sim nuam dinga laimalte zong color nih zanga kibawl NIV Edition Thak Study Bible pen Sept 5, 2019 ni-in Andrews University Press panin kihawm khia ta hi. Lai Siangtho siapite le Theologians kipawlna panin, study notes 10,000 val le concordance laimai 290 behlap uh hi. […]

Adventist Church Works to Clarify Its Stance on Abortion From ANN – 2 September 2019 | A diverse group of Seventh-day Adventist medical experts, theologians, healthcare administrators and ethicists are currently engaged in an attempt to clarify the Church’s official stance on the controversial issue of abortion. The denomination last offered guidelines, but not an official […]

Hope 2019 ended with a massive ceremony in the country’s capital city. By: Abraham Bakari, West Central-Africa Division, and Adventist Review An evangelistic drive held on hundreds of sites in the Central-South Cameroon Conference (CSCC) ended with a baptismal ceremony on the Yaoundé Adventist College campus on Saturday (Sabbath), August 10, 2019. More than 3,000 people […]