God Uplifts who Humbles Himself

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“He made him lord of his house, and ruler of all his substance: to bind his princes at his pleasure; and teach his senators wisdom.” Psalm 105:21, 22. From the dungeon Joseph was exalted to be ruler over all the land of Egypt. It was a position of high honor, yet it was beset with diffculty and peril. One cannot stand upon a lofty height without danger. As the tempest leaves unharmed the lowly flower of the valley, while it uproots the stately tree upon the mountaintop, so those who have maintained their integrity in humble life may be dragged down to the pit by the temptations that assail worldly success and honor. But Joseph’s character bore the test alike of adversity and prosperity. The same fidelity to God was manifest when he stood in the palace of the Pharaohs as when in a prisoner’s cell. He was still a stranger in a heathen land, separated from his kindred, the worshipers of God; but he fully believed that the divine hand had directed his steps, and in constant reliance upon God he faithfully discharged the duties of his position. Through Joseph the
attention of the king and great men of Egypt was directed to the true God; and though they adhered to their idolatry, they learned to respect the principles revealed in the life and character of the
worshiper of Jehovah.

“Kumpipa in Joseph pen a innsung topa hi saka, a neihsa khempeuh a uk sak hi. Joseph in kumpipa uliante ama deih bangin thu sawla, a upate pilna hilh hi.” Ps. 105:21,22. A uih a mial khekha thonginn panin, Joseph pen Egypt gam khempeuh ukpa dingin kilamto hi. A dinmun pen a minthang, a zahtakhuai mahmah dinmun hi napi, haksatna leh siat theihna tawh kilawi lo hi. Lauhuaina om lo in, kuamah in dinmun sangah om zo lo hi. Huihpi in luikawm lak leh mun niamna a singtehte a nawk khaak loh hangin, mual dawna singkungte kizung bawh sak hi. Tua mah bangin, nuntakna niam munah thumaan taka a om khat pen ze-etna in zolkhia zo lo hi napi, leitung gualzawhna leh minthanna tawh kidima dinmun sanga a om khat pen ze-etna in muutpaai thei hi. Thonginn sunga a om leh Pharoah kumpi inn sunga a om laitakin, Pasian tunga a cihtakna kibang veve hi. Kumpi inn sunga a om hangin, khualmi hilai veve a, Pasian maan a bia a innkuan pihte tawh kigamla lai veve hi. Ahih hangin, a omna a gamtatna peuhah Pasian in ompih hi cih kithei in, a nasep dingte hoihtak, limtakin sem hi. Joseph tungtawnin Egypt gam ukpipa a kipan a miliante in Pasian maan a thei uh hi. Milim biate a hih uh hangin, Joseph ii nuntak dan leh a gamtat, a luheek, a ki-uknate zahtakpih mahmah uh hi. Ellen G White, Patriarchs and Prophets, p. 222

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David Lian