SDA UPNA A NUSIA D. M. CANRIGHT THU (SDA Tangthu) “Nangmah in sihna na thuak dongin thumanin om in. Tua hi leh, nuntakna kumpilukhu nang kong pia ding hi.”Mangmuhna 2:10 1880 kum in George Butler pen James White tangin GC President ding kitel hi. Tua dinmun a lamen khat ahi DM Canright pen a lungkim […]

Lesson 3: A Hong Pai Kumpipa Amazing Facts Lesson 3 Hehpihna neilo Judah kumpinu Athaliah pen, anu Jezebel sangin nakpi takin gilo zawlai hi. Atapa Ahaziah asih khitciangin, kumpi gam aman ukpah a, ama dinmun laih thei dinga aup atuteng khempeuh that ma-ang pahpah hi. “Ahih hangin Ahaziah sanggamnu Jehosheba in Ahaziah tapa Joash pen […]

History of Inspiration in the Adventist Church (1844-1915)   Source: Timm, Alberto R. (1994) “History of Inspiration in the Adventist Church (1844-1915),” Journal of the Adventist Theological Society: Vol. 5 : Iss. 1 , Article 8. Available at:

Debate EVOLUTION VS CREATIONISM in ADVENTISM DEATH BEFORE SIN? –NO By J. David Newman Within the Adventist Church, there is a growing chorus of voices proclaiming that macroevolution is consistent with the Bible and especially the book of Genesis. These voices state that science has overwhelmingly shown that life on this earth is hundreds of […]

The Shaking of Adventism Geoffrey J. Paxton   Chapter 1 Adventists: Heirs of the Reformation Seventh-day Adventists have been very misunderstood. The reasons for this are no doubt complex. But whatever the reasons, the fact remains that most critiques of Adventism have failed to reach the heart of the matter. Adventists have often had trouble […]